Public Sector

Content Product Name
Polyethylene Pipe for Water Supply ESLO HYPER JW
Polyethylene Pipe for Petroleum Distribution ESLON BARRIER PIPE SS System
PVC Pipe for Pipe Jacking Method ESLON Jacking Pipe
Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pipe ESLON GRP Pipe
PE Pipe & Fittings for Gas Distribution System ESLON PE Pipe & Fittings for Gas Distribution System
Shield Earth Retaining Wall System SEW
Vacuum Sewerage System SIVAC
Universal Type Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation System SPR Method
Stand Alone Type Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation System SPR-PE Method
Potable Water Pipe Rehabilitation System NORDIPIPE Method
2ndary Lining Reinforced Pipe for Shield Method FP-L Method
Sound Insulation Material Calmmoon Sheet
Thermoforming Plastic PVC Sheet KYDEX
Thermoforming Plastic ABS Sheet ALLEN
Water Storage Tank Sekisui Aqua Systems Co. Ltd.
Wastewater Treatment Devices

Plant Materials

Content Product Name
Industrial Pipeline Eslon Plant Materials
Water Treatment System
Pipeline Rehabilitation
Panel Tank

Building Materials

Content Product Name
Drainage for Air Conditioning AC Drain Pipe and Fittings
Carbon Steel Pipe for Water Supply ESLON LP
Carbon Steel Pipe for Water & Hot Water Supply ESLON HTLP
Steel & PVC Composite Pipe for Drainage ESLON DVLP
Higher Drainage Performance Type ESLON SPIRAL DVLP
PVC Pipe for Multiple Drainage Application ESLON VP PIPE
High Impact, Weather Resistant PVC Pipe ESLON HI PIPE GOLD
Cross Linked Polyethylene Pipe for Water & Hot Water Supply ESLON ESLOPEX
Metal Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe with Heat Insulation Material SUPER ESLO METAX FC
Corrosion Resistant, Infiltration Prevented Fittings ESLON LX FITTINGS
Core Embedded Fittings for ESLON HTLP ESLON UX FITTINGS
Easy Connection Type Fittings ESLO KACHIT JOINT
Water Flow Collection Type Fittings AD SLIM FITTINGS
Prevention of Fire Penetration through Compartment Fi-Block
Gutter Systems Sekisui ESLON B.V
Ventilation Systems
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